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This layered necklace features two strands of padparadscha sapphire and one strand of pink spinel with 18K gold beads and tourmaline drops that cascade over each other in a tumult of gemstones.
The shortest strand is pink spinel and a pale watermelon tourmaline drop hangs from the center of the strand. Next to it is a smaller, pale peach tourmaline drop. The next strand is a lighter color padparadscha sapphire with one pink/orange  drop and a light orange drop. The longest strand is a deep padparadscha sapphire with a deep pink and a light pink drop.
The shortest strand measures 15.75" on the shortest adjustment and 17.75" on the longest link of the adjustment. The beads are 18k and all other findings are 14K gold.

Sapphire, Spinel and Tourmaline Necklace

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