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This vintage black lava cameo has been repurposed to hold 15 strands of labradorite gemstones and silver beads.
The cameo is carved lava with very fine detail of a woman with flowing tresses and roses in her hair. I have had the cameo set in sterling silver, so the setting is new. The brooch is 1 11/16" x 1.5".
The labradorite gemstone strands are accented with 990 silver beads and the entire piece flashes and sparkles with color. The gemstone strands are approximately 1.75" in width, when worn.

If you are not familiar with lava cameos, they were very popular in the Edwardian and Victorian era when British ladies would go on 'Grand Tour' of Europe. They would visit Pompeii and buy hand carved cameos that were made of the lava stone from Vesuvius. If they were in Pompeii long enough, they would have a cameo carved of their own likeness. This is one of those 'Grand Tour' souvenirs. 


This piece only needs your wrist measurement to be finished with sterling French wire, crimps and a custom locking, slide clasp.


To measure for a perfect fit, use our measuring diagram and instructions, included with the photographs.

Vintage Lava Cameo & Labradorite Bracelet

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