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This vintage Victorian pinchbeck clasp has been revised to hold twenty strands of luscious tanzanite gemstones.
First, the clasp. If you are not familiar with pinchbeck jewelry, it was popular in the Victorian era, as a less expensive replacement for gold in jewelry. It's an alloy of copper and zinc, that doesn't tarnish and looks like gold. This simple box clasp has ten white/clear chalcedony polished stones set in sawtooth bezels. The stones are in mint condition with a few having natural inclusions. All the stones are approximately 10mm in diameter. The clasp itself is mint, working properly and measures 1.75" x 1 3/8", including the flat edges where the strands are attached.
The tanzanite gems are approximately 3mm in size and there are five strands per ring.
The bracelet is sized to fit a 7" wrist perfectly. It will be slouchy on a smaller wrist, but still be okay to wear. You can see it on my 6.5" wrist in the photos. The weight is 59 grams. Additional findings are gold filled.
If you would like it resized for a different size wrist, please email me regarding costs for materials only.

Vintage Pinchbeck Clasp & Tanzanite Bracelet

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