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This handmade, sterling, mesh link bracelet has small "turquoise" cabs set in plain bezels. The chain is completely handmade... no machine used. 

There are 33 turquoise like stones symmetrically placed on the mesh. I'm not sure what the stones are, as they look more like glass than natural turquoise stone. Pre-1948, these pieces were made with natural turquoise. This piece is post '48, so they may have changed manufacturing and used resin based, synthetic turquoise.
The piece closes with a box clasp that is very secure.  

This cuff is light and very easy to wear. It is in good condition, given its age, with some surface wear and could use a cleaning.

I have offered a number of these style pieces in my shop and they have all been made by TNC.

Width: 1.5"
Stones: 5mm diameter
Length: 7"
Weight: 34 grams.
Hallmark: TNC, a known hallmark but the artist is unknown (ref: Bille Hougart), 0925, Sterling, Mexico, eagle assay 12.

VintageTurquoise & Sterling Mesh Bracelet

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